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Monday, May 08, 2006

“Technologies of Memory in the Arts”: An International Conference

The schedule for Radboud University’s international conference on “Technologies of Memory in the Arts” has been posted online. Devoted to “art as a cultural and technological practice to process and construct the past in the present,” the event will take place in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), May 19 – 20. Marita Sturken, Associate Professor in the Department of Culture and Communication at NYU, will deliver the keynote address.

Panels cover topics such as (Re)Mediating Memories, Spatial Dimensions, Urban Spaces, Narrative Strategies, Psychoanalysis, Amnesia and Anamnesia, Personal Memories in Digital Environments, Terror and Terrorism, (Digital) Media of Memory: Personal Uses, Nostalgic Memories, Literary Memory, Remembering Childhood, Archiving, Holocausts, Museums and Memorials, Intertextual Memories, Photography and Memory, Walter Benjamin on Memory, Displaced Memories, Presence and Performativity, Constructing Cultural Icons, Documentaries and Remembrance, Tourism and Souvenirs, Politics and/of Memory, War and Violence, and Painting as Memory Work.

Abstracts of the following papers and discussions caught my attention:

Geneviève Sheperd, "Archives and the Construction of Collective Memory"

Anna-Lena Hållner, "Strategies of Memory in Literary Texts"

Alev Adil, "Screen/Memory"

Arne Sjögren, "Narrative, Perception and Memory in New Media"

Karin Becker, "Getting Away and Going Home: The Visual Experience of the Exile as Tourist"

Liedeke Plate, "Whatever Happened to Feminist Revision? Women Rewriting the Classics Revisited"

Cindy Poremba, "Memory Reloaded: Playing Out History in a Documentary Videogame"

Randi Marselis, "Genealogy Remediated"

Elizabeth Wood, "The Matter and Meaning of Childhood Through Objects"

Thomas F. DeFrantz, "The House Music Project"

Sonja Spee, Laurence Claeys, Dirk de Wit, Anne van Wichelen, and Berteke Waaldijk, "Personal Memories in Digital Environments" (Panel)

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