I explore media in transition. My research encompasses film, video, print, digital arts, and the web. I'm interested in what artists and writers are doing and in what critics and scholars are saying.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Publishing Ventures

Check out my new books:

Remediated Visions...
By Elayne Zalis

Transforming "Dear...
By Elayne Zalis

VirtualDayz: Remediated Visions & Digital Memories presents in book form the entries I’ve posted to this blog, along with images selected for the “blook.” Video-Graphic Alchemy: Transforming “Dear Diary” also draws inspiration from this blog: It opens with the entry I posted on June 24, 2006, and includes all the multimedia images referenced in that essay as well as excerpts of the two fictional texts that complete the quartet, Arella’s Repertoire, a novel, and Vagabond Scribe (Leah’s Backstory), a literary experiment. (My previous entry provides synopses of the fiction.) I’m exploring publishing options for the novel; the experimental piece will be available soon on

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