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Saturday, September 29, 2007

VirtualDayz: The “Blook”

I’ve finished editing the second edition of VirtualDayz: Remediated Visions & Digital Memories, the fourth book in the collection I’m calling Recycled Memories: A Multimedia Quartet. All four books are now showcased on the same site. Visit my storefront to preview the books and to buy copies. VirtualDayz (and the other nonfictional text, Video-Graphic Alchemy: Transforming “Dear Diary”) can also be downloaded. The two works of fiction, Arella’s Repertoire and Vagabond Scribe (Leah’s Backstory), are available only as hard copies.

This experiment with alternative book publishing has been extremely gratifying. During the past several months, I’ve not only edited all four manuscripts and formatted them for publication (with interior graphics), but I’ve also designed the covers and the marketing materials. I’m delighted that these unconventional, hybrid texts have been published after all. I hope to transform them further using other media – and to create at least one sequel to Arella’s Repertoire, the novel. (There is already a prequel of sorts, Vagabond Scribe.)

On some level, all four of the texts in this quartet resonate with one another and invite a reading greater than the sum of the parts. I’d welcome your comments.

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